Best of breed solution

We provide a strong expertise of +15 years to secure your data (firewalls, encryption, backup, servers, ...).

We help you to define the most optimized needs for your specific organisation.

We make sure that you will have the best solution for your needs. We initiate the required changes and implement the new solution, and we assure that this is well integrated into your usual internal processes.

  • We help you to have sharp eyes on your ICT in term of security an encryption

  • Our approach is to establish with our customers a long term relationship.

  • For each organisation, each client we provide the exact solution that match the need. Not more, not less

  • We help you to deploy and implement different encryption systems (network encryption, firewall, storage encryption, ...)


Project Management

Based on proven methodologies like Prince2, PMI or Scrum. I execute a detailed analysis of the "as is" and I provide you clear definition of how to reach the "to-be". I put in place an efficient communication channel between all actors.


  • Move a datacenter to a new location
  • Implement a new service for your end-users
  • Roll-out of 300 fibers lines across Belgium


Based on a strong expertise of several Unix systems (Solaris, AIX, Linux, ...) but mainly on OpenBSD since last 10 years. Provide the most efficient solution for your servers, firewalls, storage, ...


  • Define specific firewall rules (based on timing and device) on OpenBSD
  • Setup NAS on top of BSD with full encryption and disaster recovery
  • Provide secured laptops (based on OpenBSD) with VPN possibilities


Identify the clear needs by listening carefully to all actors in your company. Define an action plan that will improve your services. Identify key actors required for the implementation. Provide coaching, training, ... in order to allow the customer to continue him-self the defined "trajectory"


  • Reverse the ratio interns-externs within a dedicated team
  • Provide help for the elaboration of RFP, RFI, ...
  • Define methodology to evaluate offers you have received
  • Define and hire the required resources for your running projects


Project management

  • End 2018: Without business interrptions, migrate a whole EMC Vmax storage system to a new Vmax system
  • In 2018: Setup of a whole SDDC environment in 2 datacenters with a full active / active disaster mechanism.
  • In 2017: Migration of a whole data center composed by +20 servers running SAP and used by +4000 persons. This migration was made in only 1 weekend. No business interruptions, no user's impacts, at the date decided by the CIO


  • in 2018: Development of a tool to verify the integrity of backups. This tool is developped on OpenBSD, but can manage any kind of backup (windows 7, windows 10, linux, OSX, AIX, ...)
  • in 2017: Setup an outgoing firewall filter based on the OpenBSD packt filter tool. The tool allow to decide who can access what on internet and when. With such tool we can ban some dangerous websites activating ransoware, virus, ... It can be integrated easily in any environments



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