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A perfect and easy digital transitions
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Project management

Certified by the best Project Management methodologies (Prince2, Scrum, ...),
I can manage your most complex projects


Based on one of the most secured operating system,
I provide you ad-hoc realisations: forewalls, servers, backups, sms, ...

Vision & Mission

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) must remain a tool to help people to perform better in their job and be less stressed in their work.

Our Mission is to help companies to easily implement those required changes.

We offer you lot of expertise


We can provide you expertise in different domains.
Here a non-exhaustof list of tasks performed:

  • Migrate or upgrade a whole datacenter
  • Implement strong security componenets: firewall, encryption, ...
  • Implement bi-directional SMS systems
  • ...


"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." (Aristote)

Project management

Based on proven methodologies like Prince2, PMI or Scrum.

I execute a detailed analysis of the "as is" and I provide you clear definition of how to reach the "to-be".

I put in place an efficient communication channel between all actors.


  • Move a datacenter to a new location
  • Implement a new service for your end-users
  • Roll-out of 300 fibers lines across Belgium


Based on a strong expertise of several Unix systems (Solaris, AIX, Linux, ... but mainly on OpenBSD since last 10 years

Provide the most efficient solution for your servers, firewalls, storage, ... needs



  • Define specific firewall rules (based on timing and device) on OpenBSD
  • Setup NAS on top of BSD with full encryption and disaster recovery
  • Provide secured laptops (based on OpenBSD) with VPN possibilities

Governance & coaching

Identify the clear needs by listening carefully to all actors in your company.

Define an action plan that will improve your services.

Identify key actors required for the implementation.

Provide coaching, training, ... in order to allow the customer to continue him-self the defined "trajectory"


  • Reverse the ratio interns-externs within a dedicated team
  • Provide help for the elaboration of RFP, RFI, ...
  • Define methodology to evaluate offers you have received
  • Define and hire the required resources for your running projects


"Here some example of realisations performed by Easytransitions in ICT

What people say

Daniel Wanet
Daniel Wanet
Sales Manager International Institutions at Proximus

It was my pleasure working with Vincent, who took the leadership on complex projects or issues to solve requiring the support of several teams within the Proximus organisation. This collaboration was also appreciated by the client.

Rudy Fleerakkers
Rudy Fleerakkers
Governance Manager Outsourcing at Proximus

Vincent works in a very structured way, and is solution-oriented. He is an open communicator. And of course, he knows his business.

Jean-Hughes Hennegien
Jean-Hugues Henneghien
Senior Service Architect chez Proximus

Vincent est très orienté résultat et client. Il comprend très vite ses objectifs et collabore très bien. Il est très flexible et soucieux du detail qui fait la différence. Bien qu'il ait été assigné à une function opérationnelle, Vincent est capable d'analyser les besoins du client et les traduire en termes de solution technique et services. En tant que collaborateur, Vincent fait partie des rares personnes qu'on rencontre dans une vie et qui resteront dans votre mémoire... en positif :)

Amlie Thomson
Amélie Thomson
Infrastructure Recruitment Specialist / Network, Security & Systems at Huxley IT

I started working with Vincent about a year ago, when I started looking for candidates to work in his team. Thanks to his very clear and prompt feedback, I had the clearest idea of who the best candidate would be. His communication is efficient, and straight to the point. Once you start a collaboration with him, he'll go the extra mile to make it work on the long run. I was very happy to have a client like him!

Frdric Martello
Frédéric Martello
Customer Service Manager at Proximus

Vincent is a reliable person, with great professional skills. Very flexible and always reachable. We worked for several years together.

Sylvie Jullien
Sylvie Jullien
Change manager and communication lead at Proximus

I worked with Vincent on common projects and contracts related to very important customers. Vincent is very focus, well structured and organised, and certainly reliable. He is a really customer oriented person, putting the customer at the centre of his interests. Vincent is also someone very nice to work with, he has good communication skills and some diplomatic aptitudes. I really enjoyed working with Vincent and I’d work with him again if I have the opportunity!

Fabrice Respilleux
Fabrice Respilleux
Technical and Services Architecture Team manager at Proximus

It was a pleasure to work with Vincent. He is a very driven person with a strong capability to lead people to reach the objectives. Vincent never give up and find always a way to achieve the goals with the satisfaction of the customer and the company. He like challenges and complex projects. Vincent has strong people and project management skills. Flexible, professional, reliable, Vincent is also a kind person to do business with.

David Faucon
David Faucon
Customer Service Manager at Proximus

I have had the privilege of working with Vincent Delft for 4 years. Vincent was appointed as Program Manager on several contracts for the European Institutions. As Service Manager for some EUI contracts I had a lot of interaction with him and it was a very pleasure to work with. Vincent is someone you can count on in complex and difficult situation, he has a very good approach to analyze and tackle problems. He is open minded, he is a creative thinker who possesses a can-do attitude. It was a real pleasure to work with. I recommend him to any organization that chooses to take benefit from her diverse skills.

How to contact me

Phone: +32 475 984500