About me

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I'm a project and program manager having managed several complex IT development and Telco projects / programs. I'm mainly active for IT Infrastructure projects like:
  • replace machines in datacenter like servers, storage or network, ...
  • upgrade OS or Databases
  • move machines from one datacenter to an other one
  • migrate applications from on-premises to cloud
It's important for me to understand and follow all technical steps of my projects. That's why I have a strong technical background on Unix systems, Databases, Network and security.
You can find all my professional life on LinkedIn.

But I'm also an enthusiast user (since 1998) and developer of Opensource solution. Mainly OpenBSD, Python, Postgresql.

With a total score of 87.9%, I'm happy owner of the BSD certification since February 2016.

Based on Opensource software, I can perform setups like:

  • A specif firewall matching your specific needs in order to protect you from external attacks
  • A filtering machine in order to avoid publicity, porn elements, ... or any content you decide to avoid for your internal users
  • A secured and resilient web server. With attack protections, load balancer, ...
  • Put in place secured and fault tolerant backup systems for your data
To my point of view every companies should have a full control on his IT systems. Event companies with few employees. A strong antivirus is not enough. Machines must be protected from intrusions by strong firewalls and well design network architecture. Most of company's data must be encrypted and protected. Backup strategy must be smart and well defined. Most of those elements are just common sens and does not involve strong investments. Moreover having solutions relying on OpenSource software is strategic. This allows to setup tailor made solutions where you pay just for what you need.
I can help and coach companies willing to develop this point of view
To have a more detailed view on what I'm doing on those type of topics, please visit vincentdelft.be


With the arrival of simple 3D printers, it's now more easy than ever to build product matching our perfect needs our-self.

It can be:

  • In your datacenter, a support for a better cabling management
  • In your sever, a support for a bigger and quieter fan
  • a case for your specific IoT project

I can design and build it in small or medium quantity.

No more needed to have a product matching partially your needs. I can work with you to define a product matching 100% of your needs
You can find products I have build on my Etsy page.

Vincent Delft